Executive Success Series 

I’m so excited for this new series!!!  Please feel free to share this information with anyone else you think may be interested.

Research shows that 85 percent of success in the business world hinges on your soft skills, and only 15 percent on your technical skills.  Yet many people do not take the time to invest in the most critical part of their professional training, the crucial social skills that enhance your ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead which helps you build relationships and close deals.  Are you ready to invest in your 85 percent?


  • Tuesday, March 10, 11:30am-1:00pm, Skirvin, Downtown Oklahoma City  (lunch included)
  • Tuesday, April 14, 11:30am-1:00pm, Skirvin, Downtown Oklahoma City  (lunch included)
  • Tuesday, May 12, 6:00-7:30pm, Cocktail Party, Location TBA


  • First and Lasting Impressions
  • Hosting and being a guest at a lunch, dinner, board, or coffee meeting
  • Communication; verbal, written and electronic
  • Networking Events; advanced techniques for both Introverts and Extroverts
  • Customer Service, and much more.

Course Fee:  $287 for all three events in the series

Click here to register, seating is limited and registration closes on March 3.

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Early Bird Registration is Open for 2015-2016

http://www.careysuevega.com/uncategorized/early-bird-registration-is-open-for-2015-2016 Three Big Announcements

  • Early Bird Registration (savings of $100 before March 1)
  • Multi-Season Discount (savings of $364 before March 1)
  • Executive Presence Master Class coming soon for adults


Friends and Family Early Bird Registration Discount is available
Registration Information for 5th-8th Grades for 2015-2016 Season

  • Early Bird Saves $100 = $347 (before March 1) (Regular Tuition = $447)
  • If you prefer to make payments, you can secure your space with a $100 deposit.

Click here to register now and take advantage of the Early Bird savings!


Multi-Season Discount
You’ve asked and we have listened!  We now offer a multi-sesason discount to families who would like to register a child for three consecutive years in the program.  As each season builds on the previous; maximum benefits are achieved by continued exposure for a minimum of three years (many students participate for 8 consecutive years).

  • Multi-Season Discount = $977 (before March 1) A savings of $364 off Regular Tuition.  (This is for one child, for three consecutive seasons.)

Click here to register now and take advantage of the Multi-Season Discount!


Executive Presence Master Class Coming Soon 
In response to the many requests for Business Etiquette and Professionalism Training, I’m working on the final details for an ‘Executive Presence Master Class’ that will be announced soon.  Classes are scheduled to begin March 10. … stay tuned…

In the meantime, Click Here to access the Business Section of the website.
Or please call or email for more information, 405-721-1467 or CareySue@CareySueVega.com

As always, thanks for reading!

– Carey Sue

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Passport (High School) Program Begins Soon!

We’re super excited about the Passport (High School) Program beginning soon!

Classes begin Friday, January 16, with our first outing to the Civic Center. Please register no later than January 8!

For more information and to register, please Click Here to visit the website.

High school begins soon


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As of 11/15/14; Sunday, November 16, Classes are ‘On’

As we all know, Oklahoma weather can be a bit interesting and challenging at times – to say the least! I’ve been scouring the weather reports and the general consensus is that the weather we’re expecting Sunday will be a ‘light dusting’ and nothing to cause the town to ‘shut down’.

With the frigid temperatures, we will have a place for students to store their heavy coats, boots, etc.  If they want to change into their dress shoes for class once they’re inside the building, they are more than welcome to do so.  I personally will be wearing dress boots for classes!

If for any reason we are hit with a ‘blizzard’ on Sunday that makes driving dangerous, we will send an email and post on the blog with updated information.

If you have any questions before hitting the roads, please check the blog first – and of course, do not hesitate to email or call!

Carey Sue


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Music Video

It’s ready for release!!! We hope you enjoy our video!

Sit back and enjoy… the Student Ambassadors put a lot of time, energy, effort – blood, sweat, and tears (of laughter) into this project!!!

It’s a fun take on ‘dress code’ rules for classes and shows how much fun the students actually have together! All of the vocalists and cast are current students of our program and volunteered to work on this project. Let them know how much you enjoyed it when you see them during classes!

Click on the image below to view the video:

Music Video pic

Song Lyrics:
We got things to do
Just a few dress code rules
You don’t want heels to high
And guys you’ll need a tie

But there are some rules
About all you dude’s suits
You have to look so nice
With jackets and dress ties

Don’t forget to smell good
Cause you’re dancing pretty close
And you don’t want girls to puke on you
Wear clean clothes

So button your shirt and fix up your hair
Cause I promise you those girls do care
Wear that, wear that – that khaki pants
And you’ll be all ready to dance
Ready to Dance

Girls how could we leave you out
There are rules to tell you about
About your shoes and dresses
In case you had some questions

Shoulders should be covered up
And dresses just above your knees
Those dresses should be long enough
So you can sit pretty

And your shoes should be to your comfort zone
Your feet should not have broken bones
I don’t don’t know what ‘s in your brains
Boys like being taller anyway

So when you sit down there are a couple of things
Unbutton your blazer so you can breath

Girls cross your legs but not at your knees
That’s how to sit pretty
How to sit pretty


How to sit strong

You’ll get up and stand next to your date
And he’ll take you to go get a plate

Guys get the girls plate and hand it to her
And the cookie you would prefer
Head back to your seat, and dance to the beat
The dances you learn are all so neat

So pretzel and swing
And do your thing
you’ll have a blast this evening
I don’t I don’t – don’t know what it is
But I love this whole class
Your gonna love this whole class

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Manner Monday®: Back To School

Summer is over and it’s back-to-school time for the kiddos.

Please take a few minutes to remind the young people in your life how important it is to be aware of their surroundings and how easy it can be to help make the shy, or new, person feel more comfortable; not only during these first few weeks of school, but anytime during the year.  It’s amazing how the simple and easy act of eye contact, a smile, a sincere compliment or kind word can go a long way in making someone feel a bit more comfortable and confident.

They may even end up making a new “best friend”.

Back to School


Special Announcements:

Don’t miss out… Registration now for our 5-8th grade programs that begin soon in the Oklahoma City and Edmond areas and classes are fulling up quickly.
We have a waiting list for some of the groups.
And yes, a deposit can still be made to secure their spot!
For more information, visit the registration page on the website:  https://www.expeditionsinetiquette.com/registration

The highest compliment you can give us is a referral to your friends and coworkers. Please share our registration and contact information with any families you think might be interested in participating in our program.

Each year we build on the previous year as we add to the curriculum.  We have many students who continue with us each season, from our Level 5 (5th grade) program through our Passport (High School) Program.  Our goal with the continuous exposure, and gentle reminders, of the courtesies we teach over consecutive years – is to assist you in raising well-mannered young adults.

  • Continued Exposure:  Just as continued exposure to athletics and school homework reaps rewards; continued exposure to the social skills taught in our program will provide lifelong lessons that will benefit your child throughout the classroom and into the boardroom.
  • Benefits and Rewards:  One of the biggest rewards of our students returning year after year, is the virtual ‘light bulb’ that seems to turn on and stay on; the students are really starting to get it and they are very proud of themselves.  Their confidence is building.  We’ve highlighted some of our graduating seniors on my blog at www.CareySueVega.com/?s=senior+spotlight

5-8th Grade Levels:  Tuition for the 2014-2015 season is $425.

  • 5-8th Grade registration online via:  https://www.expeditionsinetiquette.com/registration

9-12th Grade Levels:  Registration is open and will continue with the Early Bird discount into the fall.  Register early to avoid the waiting list.

  • 9-12th Grade registration online via:  https://www.expeditionsinetiquette.com/passport-high-school-registration


Business Etiquette Training and other Workshops
Would you like to schedule a workshop or presentation?

I’m busy booking projects and working on presentations for clients and am scheduling well into the Fall!  Thank you so much for your continued support for this part of my business!

I have a variety of workshops that can be customized to fit your needs and would love to work with your organization, please call or email for more information, 405-721-1467 or CareySue@CareySueVega.com

Here are just a few of the workshop topics:

  • Etiquette and the Generations – understanding ‘those guys’
  • Creating a Great Customer Service Experience
  • Business Etiquette and Professionalism – Navigating Lunch and Networking Events
  • First and Lasting Impressions
  • Professional Dress


As always, thanks for reading!

– Carey Sue

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Senior Spotlight: Dillon Noble

Dillon has participated in programs with us for eight years.  It has been a pleasure to watch Dillon grow up over the years. He’s a fantastic young man who has a great foundation and a strong sense of doing the right thing – we look forward to seeing all of the things he will accomplish.

“My first memory of the program was when I started in the 5th grade with a bunch of friends.  Over the years, most of my friends dropped out because their parents didn’t make them keep going.  I was one of the few whose mom didn’t make me do it.  I wanted to keep going because it was fun.

I’ll never forget the first Ball I attended.  It was at the Beacon Club downtown, I loved the feeling of being treated like a grownup. Mrs. Vega always made it clear that there was a time and a place for everything, we could still be kids and have fun, but we could be kids AND be polite and have good manners at the same time.

I loved being an assistant and teaching the 7/8th graders all of the advanced stuff.  It was really neat when I was a senior and I remembered some of the freshmen and sophomores from when I was an assistant during their previous years.

During the High School program, I really liked all of the different outings.  Eating sushi and practicing using chopsticks with goldfish was fun.  Going to the Civic Center and seeing the Broadway plays and musicals was always a highlight.

I really enjoyed getting to meet people from other schools.  This summer I was at a rush party at OU and ran into a friend I had met in the program a few years ago.  He attended Heritage Hall and I attended Deer Creek, but we met when we were both assistants for Mrs. Vega.  He’s an upper classman and it was great getting to visit with him and felt good knowing I already had a connection at college.

Over the years, all of the things that Mrs. Vega has taught me has become second nature and so natural now that I feel at ease and know how to interact with other people, especially adults.  During enrollment at college, I had to talk to a bunch of adults and always felt comfortable and confident and felt I knew how to carry on a conversation with them.” – Dillon


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Senior Spotlight: Emily Darrow

Getting to know the Darrow family has been a true blessing.  Emily has participated in programs with us for years and has served as a Student Ambassador as well.  She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!

“Throughout my many years of the program, I found that my favorite season was with the High School program! We were given so many amazing opportunities to travel to different places and see different things around the city. I’ve loved being a part of the program for so many years, my learning only deepened over each season! I have loved the many things I’ve learned and the amazing friends I’ve made! It is truly something that I will never forget!!” – Emily



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Senior Spotlight: Scooby Eppler

We have enjoyed getting to know Scooby over the years. I was honored to attend Scooby’s Eagle Scout ceremony when he was only 14.  That accomplishment was one of our first clues this guy was going to be a special kid!  Not only has he served as a great role model as Student Ambassador and Assistant for the for the younger students in the program, but he’s also been a great leader and role model for our son and has helped out often as a regular ‘Billy-sitter’ (in lieu of ‘babysitter).  Getting to know Scooby and his family has been a true blessing.

“I began the program in the 5th grade. My first memory is when I was told I would have to escort a girl into the classroom to meet Mrs. Vega for the first time.  I was scared because I didn’t know what to think, but it actually turned out fine, because I found out Mrs. Vega was very nice.  Each year, we got the opportunity to learn new things and Mrs. Vega always made the classes fun.  Mr. Vega was always there to help with the dance steps, which was good in the beginning.  In the High School Program, we had a lot more fun because we were able to go on outings around town and have the opportunity to use the skills that we learned in our classes.  I also served as a Teen Board Member and as a Class Assistant.  One of the funniest things that happened was when I was chaperoning an 8th grade Ball and the young gentleman ate his boutonniere.  It was after the dancing and he said he was still hungry.  I didn’t know what to say!  Something that Mrs. Vega offers is an intensive interview class.  This has helped me to be more comfortable and confident during an interview.  I have met a lot of great people and I have learned a lot.  I will keep the tools I have learned with me for the rest of my life.”

Scooby Senior Pic


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Senior Spotlight: Kelsey Jennings

Here’s another one of our graduating seniors who has been with us for the long haul!  She’s an amazing and gifted young lady with a passion for God.  We’ve enjoyed watching her grow and mature over the years and look forward to seeing her grow even more.

“Looking back on the past eight years, my mind is overwhelmed with different memories. My first few classes of the program, going to the Civic Center, getting dressed up for the balls. Each memory is extremely different from the next. Each are precious and fun in their own way.

I’m the “typical case” when it comes to the program. Originally, my parents forced me continue. After two or three years, I really began to enjoy it. I made new friends, had fun, and got to wear pretty dresses. For a middle school girl, that’s more than enough reason to continue. But, as I grew into high school, I was able to recognize how useful the program was, and is, as I continue to grow into a young adult. (Plus I still got to hangout with my friends.) This really encouraged me to continue to be involved in the program, not just as a participant but also as an ambassador and teen board member.
Some of my favorite activities were our “outings”. As a high school participant, we are able to go around Oklahoma City and participate in a variety of activities. Some of my favorites were the art museum and the shows at the Civic Center. I really enjoyed being able to connect with other participants outside of the typical classroom setting.” –  Kelsey
Kelsey Jennings


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