Expeditions In Etiquette 2013-2014 Video

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Passport Program: Monday night’s class is rescheduled (again)

Sorry guys :-(
Roads should start getting slick this evening when precipitation starts falling.
And you all know how I feel about teenagers driving in questionable conditions!


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Passport Class: Thursday evening has been rescheduled

After much thought, we have decided to reschedule tonight’s (Thursday, Feb. 4) Passport class.

With this being the high school program, and many of our students driving themselves, we feel it’s best to err on the side of safety.  We realize some of you might be able to make it safely to UCO for the scheduled class, but we fear many of you may not; and we do not want to put anyone in danger.

Please check your email for information and details on the makeup date.


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MannerMonday®: Asking Someone to Dance

Now that school is back in swing, school dances are starting to pop up on calendars.  Asking someone to dance can stir up feelings of anxiety, so much so, that the person doing the asking may feel like they’re about to kick into  ‘hyperventilation’ mode.

Ladies, close your eyes. Think of the young men in your class at school. They want to ask you to dance. All the boys can think of is: – “I’m so embarrassed.”

  • “what if she thinks I can’t dance.”
  • “what if she thinks I’m goofy.
  • “I’ll just DIE if she says no.”

Now ladies, what are you thinking?: – “I’m so embarrassed.”

  • “what if he thinks I can’t dance.”
  • “what if he thinks I am goofy.”
  • “Secretly, I hope someone asks me to dance!”

It takes courage to ask someone to dance so:

  • Respect the person and his/or her courage and effort to actually ask you to dance and say: “Yes, I would love to, thank you for asking.” “No” is not an option, period.
  • Songs last, on average, three to four minutes. It’s an invitation to dance, not a marriage proposal.  Please be polite and courteous to the person who asks you to dance – it is truly your social responsibility to treat that person with respect and respond accordingly.
  • Keep in mind; by saying “yes”, there is a very good chance the person will return to his or her friends and tell them what a fun, cool and wonderful person you are … and you will have many, many more opportunities with other dance partners for the rest of the evening. If you say “no,” you may be on your own in the corner, watching as others have a great time!

Savannah Hanke

Photo courtesy of Vonne Hanke


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Spreading the Message of Manners

Thank you to Mallery Nagle for this great article in the Edmond Sun!

And thank you to the Boyer family for your special appearance.

Click here for the link, the story is on page 22.

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Quail Creek Middle Schooler Shines

By Laurel Hall
I have a friend who is a jeweler, and he told me that in order for a gemstone to be beautiful, it must have many facets. A stone hacked-off in one direction would not be the sparkling treasure it could be if it were cut purposefully in several directions.

The gemstone metaphor applies to our children. In today’s world of hectic schedules with multiple sports and technology driven communication, encouraging kids to have facets that include grace and chivalry can be a challenge. But not for the Hanke family of Quail Creek.

Meet Quail Creek resident Savannah Hanke. A straight-A student since first grade at Quail Creek Elementary, Savannah has enjoyed tremendous success in the classroom. Most recently, she competed….  click here to read ‘the rest of the story’.

Savannah Hanke

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Back to School Clothes and Tax-Free Shopping

I know many of you will be hitting the malls and stores soon to do your back-to-school shopping.  Oklahoma City will host Tax-Free shopping this weekend, Friday, August 2, through Sunday, August 4.  If you’re looking to pick up some ‘dress’ clothes for our programs, here is the link to the Dress Code Details and other frequently asked questions on the website that will be helpful.  If you need more information on the Tax-Free shopping weekend, Click here.

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Quail Creek Middle Schooler Shines

In case you missed the article in the OkcFriday paper…

Here is the fabulous Miss Savannah Hanke

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Class Two “Red” Group – facility change

Cotillion parents, please don’t forget, the “Red” group, Class Two, will be meeting at the Nigh University Center ballroom in Edmond as the Waterford has a space conflict.  The cross streets are 2nd Street and Garland Godfrey.

The facility change is for this class only.

If you have questions, please email:  CareySue@CareySueVega.com


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Premiere (High School) Programs Begin Soon!

Our Junior Cotillion (5th-8th grade) programs are currently underway and our Premiere (High School) Programs begin soon!


Premiere Fall Fling Party:  Please encourage high school students to attend our annual ”Fall Fling Party” on Tuesday, October 9.  This is a fun opportunity for students who are interested in participating in the Premiere, High School, program to learn more about Cotillion.  Guests are encouraged to bring a friend to the event as a great way to introduce them to the program.We will have a DJ and dancing. Finger foods and dessert will be served.Dress Code: Business Casual.
Gentlemen, please wear khaki pants, or slacks, a dress shirt or polo style shirt (tucked in with belt).
Ladies, please wear a conservative skirt or dress (skirt length to be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee).
No jeans, tennis shoes or hats please.Tickets are $7.50 for one or $10.00 for two and are available online by going to:  http://cotillionfallfling2012.eventbrite.com


Premiere Program:  The Premiere Program begins in January and the class is already filling up, if you are interested in your high school aged child participating, please register him or her soon.  In addition, if you know of anyone interested in this program, please feel free to share this email with them.  The Premiere Program is open to students in 9th-12th grades, previous Cotillion participation is not required.  Details for the Premiere Program, 9th-12th grades, are available online at http://premierecotillion2013.eventbrite.com/


Premiere Interview Intensive:  As part of our continued effort to “develop the whole child,” we are excited to continue with our “Interview Intensive” program to instruct students, 10th-12th grades, in the aspects of interaction in interview settings.  We are excited about these efforts to equip the professionals of tomorrow with the manners, etiquette and social skills they will need in the transition from the admission process of the halls of academe, through first job interviews, and on to positions as well respected members of our business and professional communities.

To mark the culmination of our training, students will attend a formal reception where they will be paired with an adult who will interview them for 10-15 minutes and then critique them on their performance.  The process will be repeated until each student has had 3-4 interviews and critiques.  We plan to make the interview process fairly challenging and difficult for them, so that later in life, when they are placed in a high-stakes interview situation, they will be able to enter in knowing how to conduct themselves and therefore feel more confident.

For details on the Interview Intensive Program for 10th-12th graders, please go to http://interviewintensive2012.eventbrite.com

Space is limited this year for both the Premiere Program and the Premiere Interview Intensive, so please register early.


Parents:  We need professionals to interview the high school students as part of our Premiere Interview Intensive Program (see details above) on Thursday, November 13th from 5:30-7:00 p.m.  If you, or someone in your office, would like to help – please contact me so I can add you to the list.


As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email or call.

Carey Sue
Home/Office 721-1467

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