Manner Monday: The Hug

Some people are huggers; others are not.

As adults, I think it’s somewhat easy for us to look for non-verbal cues and know when a hug is acceptable for friends.  A handshake is always an acceptable way of greeting someone if you’re not sure if the other person is comfortable with a hug.

Teenagers, well that’s another story!  As we prepare to kick off another season of Cotillion, I’m reminded of a situation that happens often.  Picture this scenario:

Young Teenage Girl (YTG), giddy with excitement that Cotillion is gearing up again.  Young Teenage Boy (YTB), actually excited as well, just not letting it show; he’s playing it “cool” and acting as though his parents have forced him to return for another season.  YTG sees YTB whom she met last season and is SO excited to see him again, runs up and gives him a full-on frontal hug (just as she would one of her girlfriends).  YTB turns many shades of red and doesn’t know how to respond.

In this situation a handshake may have been a bit awkward for a teenager. If a hug is really what the situation calls for, I would suggest going in for the “side hug”.  It still shows, “Hey, I’m glad to see you”, without invading the other person’s space bubble too badly.

Please visit my post ‘What is Manner Monday?’ to learn more about how to make the most of Manner Monday. Do you have a ‘manner’ you would like to see covered on Manner Monday?  Feel free to send me your thoughts.

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On another note… Are you short on personalized stationery?  If so, please visit: we have hundreds of styles and designs available.  We also have darling place mats that help the little ones in your life get a jump start on their table manners and make dining more fun.

Thank you for reading Manner Monday!


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We need a few more good (young) men!!!

Calling All 5th-8th Grade Gentlemen:

No surprise here–more young ladies have signed up for Junior Cotillion than young men.  To achieve the best teaching situation, we need an equal male/female ratio.

Can you help recruit more boys?

Consider your children’s friends.  Sometimes “safety in numbers” helps young men feel more comfortable.  After the first class, they realize all is well and that they actually enjoy it.  Also consider the sons of co-workers, friends, church or social organizations.


How To Lure The Boy’s Parents:

You already understand the value of teaching your child social skills and manners in public, but what parents could ignore this testimony?

“This summer, I had the opportunity to travel as a US Ambassador to Canada…Most of the other teen ambassadors at my table were very confused as to what silverware to use, [etc.].  I felt so prepared… I emailed Mrs. Vega the next day to tell her how much her classes helped me!  Jake L.

Pretty neat!  Please feel free to pass along this post as a link to perspective parents, along with the registration link

How To Lure In The Boys:

Of course, you may have to be a bit sneaky!  Tell them that this is their chance to make friends with GIRLS their age…

Better yet, they will have a socialization expert coaching them through the art of conversation, giving compliments, telephone courtesy and even sports etiquette. Not only that—they will eat a five course meal and learn to dance (with girls).  It’s their own personal course on How to Impress the Ladies!  That’ll get ‘em.

Oh, and also have them watch this Youtube video of other boys talking about their experience.

Please don’t hesitate to email or call if you have questions.


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Junior Cotillion: “Yes” for Friday, February 4

With this being the highly anticipated event of the year, we are looking forward to seeing your child tomorrow night, Friday, February 4:

  • 5th Grade Evening of Dinner and Dance at UCO, 6-9pm
  • 6th Grade, Season One, Grand Ball, at Gaillardia, 6-10pm

We understand that weather conditions are less than perfect, but also understand how much the students are looking forward to the event.

The portico at both locations have been cleared along with the portico entrances.  Space will be provided to use as a “mud room”.  Your child is welcome to wear their snow boots and change once inside.

As always, please do not hesitate to email or call if your have questions.

Additional information for your review:

Boutonnières and Corsages will be provided for all students.

Party Pics will be present at all events taking pictures throughout the evening.  At the conclusion of the event, we will send an email to all parents with information on viewing and ordering the Party Pics.

Parents: If you have not been assigned as an “official chaperone”, you are more than welcome to come inside with your child and take pictures.  Once the event is underway, most parents enjoy a night out for dinner then return about 30 or 40 minutes before the end of the event to watch the dancing and take more pictures.

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Edmond classes are ON for tonight, Monday, Jan. 10

We are moving forward with the Edmond classes at UCO this evening:

5th grade, 5:30-7:00

Season One, 6th grade, 7:30-9:00

If you prefer to not venture out in the weather, you are welcome to make arrangements to attend the Oklahoma City classes this coming Sunday, January 16, as a makeup.  Please email me directly if you prefer to attend a makeup session.

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Class Location Reminder and Weather Update

Please don’t forget, if your child has class today, Sunday, January 9 – classes will meet at the Crowne Plaza NOT the Marriott.

If your child has class next weekend, January 16, those classes will meet at the Marriott as scheduled.

Edmond classes will meet as scheduled.

Winter Weather:  As we all know, Oklahoma weather can be a bit interesting and challenging at times.  If a class is scheduled and inclement weather is present or pending, I will post an update on the home page of my blog with information about the program in question and potential makeup information.  If you have any questions before hitting the roads, please check my blog first – and of course, do not hesitate to email or call!

As always, please do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions!


Carey Sue

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Weather Policy for classes

As we all know, Oklahoma weather can be a bit interesting and challenging at times.  If a class is scheduled and inclement weather is present or pending, I will post an update on the home page of my blog with information about the programs in question and potential makeup information.  If you have any questions before hitting the roads, please check my blog first – and of course, do not hesitate to email or call!

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Assistant Applications are available

We are currently accepting applications from current Cotillion students to take part in the Assistant Program.  To be eligible to enter the training program, you must have:

  • Successfully completed two years of Cotillion programs, (exceptions are sometimes made for outstanding students who have come into the program late.)
  • Better than average dancing and social skills.
  • A pleasant and outgoing personality.
  • The approval of your parents.

Assistants will be asked to commit to a ‘series’ of classes.  For example, if you apply to help with the series of classes taking place from 1:30-3:00 and from 3:30-5:00 for a specific group, you MUST commit to ALL of the classes for that specific group.  Since consistency is extremely important to the success of the program, we ask that you take your commitment seriously and participate in each and every class; don’t show up ‘at random.’

All of the Oklahoma City classes will be take place on Sunday afternoons.  Assistants are needed from 1:00-5:15, as the classes take place from 1:30-3:00 and from 3:30-5:00.

The Edmond classes will take place on Monday and Tuesday evenings.  On Monday evenings, Assistants are needed from 5:00-9:15, as the classes take place from 5:30-7:00 and from 7:30-9:00.  On Tuesday evenings, Assistants are needed from 5:00-7:15, as the class will take place from 5:30-7:00.

Please consider your application carefully.  Take all activities that you are currently involved in into consideration.  We depend heavily on our assistants, and it is vital that only those with a sincere dedication and commitment apply.

If you are interested in becoming a Junior Cotillion Assistant, please review the Assistant program details and guidelines and please submit your online application no later than August 15.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email or call!

Thank you!

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Junior Cotillion: From the student point of view

Here is a great video that one of our students put together for us (Thanks Preston Lucas!).  It shows, in a nutshell, how much fun the students have at Junior Cotillion.

I love my job!!!!


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Summer Newsletter

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!!

We have so much going on with our Programs!!!!

Adult Educational Events

Teen Board / Ambassador Program

Cotillion Clothing Exchange Opportunities

Click here to view the current newsletter in full detail:  Newsletter

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Cotillion Clothing Exchange

Many of our Cotillion families have asked about a possible clothing exchange.  With growth spurts coming out of nowhere, you may find your child in need of new clothing before they’ve had an opportunity to make the most of their current wardrobe.  We are offering two opportunities for you to donate, trade or sell your gently used Cotillion Clothing.

Opportunity #1. The first opportunity is the Junior League’s ‘Remarkable Shop’.  The ‘Remarkable Shop’ is a resale and consignment store that provides Oklahoma City with affordable clothing and household items.  Donations are provided by the membership of the Junior League of Oklahoma City and the community at large.  If you would like to donate your gently used Cotillion Clothing, and any other items you think would benefit the shop, please do so by July 31.  When dropping off your items, make sure you designate your Cotillion Clothing as such.  After July 31, we will post information in the next newsletter as to whether or not the shop has received Cotillion Clothing and you can make your way down to try on and purchase items for under $10.00.  Please click here for details on the ‘Remarkable Shop’, it’s mission, location and hours.

Opportunity #2. We have posted a Clothing Exchange Forum on my blog.  You will be able to post gently used Cotillion Clothing as well as review postings for availability.  You will then be able to contact one another to trade, sell or donate the specific items listed.

Click here for instructions on how to access the Forum:  Instructions

Click here to view the forum:

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